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  1. {
  2. "ABOUT":"About",
  3. "ABOUT_LEED":"About Leed (Light Feed)",
  4. "ADD":"Add",
  5. "ADD_FEED":"Add feed",
  6. "ADD_FOLDER":"Add folder",
  7. "ADD_TO_LEED":"Add to Leed",
  8. "ALLOW_ANONYMOUS_READ":"Allow anonymous readers",
  9. "ALLOW_ANONYMOUS_READ_DESC":"NB : If you choose this option, everybody can read your feeds (without the possibility to mark them as read/unread).",
  10. "ALREADY_INSTALLED":"Leed is already configured. Delete or rename the configuration file.",
  11. "APPLICATION":"Application",
  12. "AT_TOTAL":"in total",
  13. "AUTHOR":"Author",
  14. "AUTOMATIC_FULL":"Complete",
  15. "AUTOMATIC_FULL_DESC":"The script will update automatically all your feeds, this will update all your feeds at once but can slow down the server, don't use too frequent calls in your cron",
  16. "AUTOMATIC_GRADUATE":"Graduated",
  17. "AUTOMATIC_GRADUATE_DESC":"The script will automaticaly update the oldest 10 feeds, this will relax the server and avoid too frequent timeouts, but requires more frequent calls from your cron",
  18. "AVAILABLES_PLUGINS":"Available plugins",
  19. "AVAILABLE_PLUGIN_LIST":"Installed plugins",
  20. "BLOG":"Blog",
  21. "BOOKMARKLET":"Bookmarklet",
  22. "BY":"by",
  23. "CAN_DOWNLOAD_PLUGINS":"You can download and install new plugins for free",
  24. "CLIC_HERE_SYNC_IMPORT":"Click here to synchronize your imported feeds.",
  25. "CONFIRM_DELETE_FEED":"Do you really want to delete this feed?",
  26. "CONFIRM_DELETE_FOLDER":"Do you really want to delete this folder? All its feeds will be also deleted.",
  27. "CONFIRM_MARK_ALL_AS_READ":"Mark all as read for all the feeds?",
  28. "CONFIRM_MARK_FEED_AS_READ":"Do you really want to mark all the news as read for this feed?",
  29. "CONFIRM_TRASH_EVENTS":"Do you really want to empty the events?",
  30. "CONTRIBUTORS":"Contributors",
  31. "DELETE":"Delete",
  32. "DISABLE":"Disable",
  33. "DISCONNECT":"Log out",
  34. "DISPLAY_ONLY_UNREAD_FEEDFOLDER":"Show/hide feeds without unread articles",
  35. "ENABLE":"Enable",
  36. "ENABLE_CACHE":"Enable caching",
  37. "ENABLE_CACHE_DESC":"This option allows you to disable caching. However, disabling caching may cause longer loading time.",
  38. "ERROR":"Errors",
  39. "ERRORS":"error(s)",
  40. "EVENT_NUMBER_PER_PAGES":"Number of articles per page",
  41. "EXPORT":"Export",
  42. "EXPORT_FEED_OPML_FORMAT":"Export feeds as opml format",
  43. "FABULOUS_AGREGATOR_LAUNCHED_IN":"fabulous news aggregator executed in $1 secondes by $2",
  44. "FAVORITES":"Favorites",
  45. "FAVORITES_EVENTS":"Favorite articles ($1)",
  46. "FAVORIZE":"Favorize",
  47. "FEED":"Feed",
  48. "FEED_MANAGING":"Feed managing",
  49. "FEED_OPTION":"Feed options",
  50. "FEED_OPTION_ISVERBOSE":"Hide selected RSS feeds from the home page:",
  51. "FEED_RSS_LINK":"RSS feed link ",
  52. "FEED_SYNCHRONISATION":"Feed synchronization",
  53. "FOLD":"Fold",
  54. "FOLDER":"Folder",
  55. "FOLD_UNFOLD_FOLDER":"Fold/Unfold folder",
  56. "FORCE_INTEGRATION":"Force integration",
  57. "FORCE_INTEGRATION_DESC":"RSS and Atom feeds are supposed to have specific MIME ypes to allow the softwares to identify them. Some feeds don't follow the rules (for example text/plain). By default SimplePie follows the best pratices, but you can still force the integration with this option. ",
  58. "FULL":"Complete",
  59. "FULL_SYNCHRONISATION":"Complete synchronization…",
  60. "GENERALITY":"Generality",
  61. "GENERAL_FOLDER":"General",
  62. "GIT_REPOSITORY":"Git repository",
  63. "GOOD":"good",
  64. "GRADUATE_SYNCHRONISATION":"Graduated synchronization",
  65. "HELP_H":"<strong>h</strong> show/hide the help panel",
  66. "HELP_H_?":"Key h show/hide the help panel",
  67. "HELP_K":"<strong>k</strong> previous element (opening it)",
  68. "HELP_L":"<strong>l</strong> mark the previous element as unread",
  69. "HELP_M":"<strong>m</strong> mark the selected element as read / unread",
  70. "HELP_N":"<strong>n</strong> next element (without opening)",
  71. "HELP_O_ENTER":"<strong>o</strong> or <strong>enter</strong> open selected element",
  72. "HELP_P":"<strong>p</strong> previous element (without opening it)",
  73. "HELP_S":"<strong>s</strong> mark the selected element as favorite / not favorite",
  74. "HELP_SPC":"<strong>espace</strong> next element (opening it)",
  75. "HELP_V":"<strong>v</strong> open the selected element URL",
  76. "HIDE_FEED_IS_VERBOSE":"Do not load on the home page",
  77. "HOME":"Home",
  78. "HOWTO_RESET_PASSWORD":"<b>To reset the password</b>, create a file <em>resetPassword</em> at the site's root. The login will always work, the provided password will replace the former one.",
  79. "IDENTIFIED_WITH":"Identified as $1",
  80. "IF_ADMIN_THEN_CONFIG":"If you are admin, you can manage access rights from the admin panel.",
  81. "IMPORT":"Import",
  82. "IMPORT_COFFEE_TIME":"NB : the import can take time, leave your browser do the job and go grab a coffee :).",
  83. "IMPORT_ERROR":"Errors during the import!",
  84. "IMPORT_FEED_ALREADY_KNOWN":"Some feeds were alreadw known, they were not imported again",
  85. "IMPORT_FEED_OPML_FORMAT":"Import feeds as opml format",
  86. "IMPORT_NO_PROBLEM":"Import successfuly done.",
  88. "INSTALLATION_PARAGRAPH":"<ul><li>1. Get the current version of the project from the <a href='https://github.com/ldleman/Leed.git'>GIT repository</a> or the <a href='http://projet.idleman.fr/leed/?page=Téléchargement'>archive</a></li><li>2. Place the content on your web folder and give it and its content all the read/write rights (chmod 777)</li><li>3. From your browser, navigate to the installation page (http://mysite.com/leed/install.php) and follow the instructions.</li><li>4. Once the installation is finished, delete the install.php file for security reasons.</li><li>5. Edit your cron (to access the cron file: sudo crontab -e) and place a call to the following page http://mysite.com/leed/action.php?action=synchronize&code=votre_code_synchronisation ex : <br/><code>0 * * * * wget --no-check-certificate -q -O /var/www/leed/logsCron 'http://mysite.com/leed/action.php?action=synchronize&code=votre_code_synchronisation'</code><br/>The synchronization code is indicated in <a href=settings.php#preferenceBloc>Manage > Preferences</a><br/>To update all the feeds every hour at minute 0 (do not place too frequent call to the script to allow it to takes place correctly).</li>6. The script is installed, thank you for choosing Leed, the free and svelte RSS aggregator :p.</li></ul>",
  89. "INSTALL_BDD":"Base",
  90. "INSTALL_BTN":"Start the installation",
  91. "INSTALL_BTN_END":"Acces to my Leed",
  92. "INSTALL_COMMENT_BDD":"(to be created before)",
  93. "INSTALL_COMMENT_HOST":"(Generally 'localhost')",
  94. "INSTALL_DISPLAY_CLEAR":"(will be displayed in clear)",
  95. "INSTALL_END":"You can customize your installation through many plugins available <a target='_blank' href='https://github.com/ldleman/Leed-market#leed-market'>Leed-market</a>.",
  96. "INSTALL_ERROR_CONNEXION":"Unable to connect to database",
  97. "INSTALL_ERROR_FILEGET":"The required function 'file_get_contents' is inaccessible on your server, check your version of PHP.",
  98. "INSTALL_ERROR_FILEPUT":"The required 'file_put_contents' is inaccessible on your server, check your version of PHP.",
  99. "INSTALL_ERROR_MYSQLCONNECT":"The required function 'mysql_connect' is inaccessible on your server, check your MySql installation.",
  100. "INSTALL_ERROR_PHPV":"Your PHP version ($1) is too old, it is possible that some features script include malfunctions.",
  101. "INSTALL_ERROR_RIGHT":"Can't write in Leed directory, please add write permissions on the entire folder (sudo chmod 777 -R $1, think about shielding permissions later)",
  102. "INSTALL_ERROR_SAFEMODE":"The script can not manage the timeout alone because your safe mode is enabled,<br/>in your PHP configuration file, set the max_execution_time variable to 0 or disable safemode.",
  103. "INSTALL_ERROR_USERPWD":"For safety, it is necessary to provide a user name and password.",
  104. "INSTALL_HOST":"Host",
  105. "INSTALL_INFO_CONNEXION":"Connecting to the database : OK",
  106. "INSTALL_INFO_FILEGET":"Requested function 'file_get_contents' : OK",
  107. "INSTALL_INFO_FILEPUT":"Requested function 'file_put_contents' : OK",
  108. "INSTALL_INFO_MYSQLCONNECT":"Requested function 'mysql_connect' : OK",
  109. "INSTALL_INFO_PHPV":"Php version compatibility ($1) : OK",
  110. "INSTALL_INFO_RIGHT":"Permissions on the current folder: OK ",
  111. "INSTALL_INFO_SAFEMODE":"Management timeout: OK",
  112. "INSTALL_LANGUAGE":"Language",
  113. "INSTALL_PREFIX_TABLE":"Table prefix",
  114. "INSTALL_PRE_REQUIS":"Prerequisites for installation",
  115. "INSTALL_TAB_ADMIN":"Administrator",
  116. "INSTALL_TAB_BDD":"Database",
  117. "INSTALL_TAB_GENERAL":"General",
  118. "INSTALL_TITLE":"Installing Leed",
  119. "INSTALL_TITLE_END":"Leed Installation Complete!",
  120. "IN_FIRST":"first",
  121. "KEEP_LAST_X_EVENTS_FEED":"Keep the last $1 events of a feed",
  122. "KEEP_LAST_X_EVENTS_FEED_DESC":"NB : To keep a better performance, we suggest you to keep the last 50 events at most. Notice that events marked as favorites will never be deleted.",
  123. "LAUNCH_SYNCHRONISATION":"Start a manual synchronization",
  124. "LEED_UPDATE_MESSAGE":"Leed has been updated. Refresh the page to return to your Leed.",
  125. "LET_EMPTY_IF_NO_PASS_CHANGE":"Leave this part empty if you don't want to change your password.",
  126. "LET_SLASH_AT_END":"Leave a '/' at the end of the URL, example : http://mysite.com/leed/",
  128. "LIBRARIES_PARAGRAPHE":"<ul><li><b>Responsive / Cross browser :</b> Initializr (<a href='http://www.initializr.com'>http://www.initializr.com</a>)</li><li><b>Javascript :</b> JQuery (<a href='http://www.jquery.com'>http://www.jquery.com</a>)</li><li><b>PHP Template :</b> RainTPL (<a href='http://www.raintpl.com'>http://www.raintpl.com</a>)</li><li><b>RSS parser :</b> SimplePie (<a href='http://simplepie.org'>http://simplepie.org</a>)</li></ul>",
  130. "LOADING":"Loading...",
  131. "LOGIN":"Username",
  132. "MAIL":"E-mail",
  133. "MANAGE":"Manage",
  134. "MANUAL_FEED_UPDATE":"Manual feed update",
  135. "MARK_ALL_AS_READ":"Mark all as read",
  136. "MARK_AS_READ":"Mark as read",
  137. "MARK_AS_READ_FOLDER_ITEMS":"mark as read the first $1 unread events of this folder",
  138. "NAME":"Name",
  139. "NEW_FOLDER":"New folder",
  140. "NO":"No",
  141. "NO_INSTALLED_PLUGINS":"There is no installed plugin yet.",
  142. "OLDER":"oldest",
  143. "OPML_FILE":"OPML File",
  144. "PARTIAL":"Partial",
  145. "PASSWORD":"Password",
  146. "PENDING":"In progress...",
  147. "PLUGINS":"Plugins",
  148. "PLUGINS_INSTALLED":"Plugins configuration",
  149. "PREFERENCES":"Preferences",
  151. "PRESENTATION_PARAGRAPH":"<b>Leed (contraction of Light Feed)</b> is a minimalistic RSS feed aggregator which allows quick and non-intrusive reading of feeds.</p><p> All the tasks are done silently with a scheduled task (Cron), thus the user is not faced with the slow down due to the retrieveing and processing of the feeds.</p><p> Leed is compatible with all monitors' resolution, desktop computers, tablets and smartphones and accessible from all the browsers.</p><p> The script is also compatible with OPML import/export, which makes easier the migration from aggregators respecting the OPML standard.",
  152. "PROJECT_PAGE":"Project page",
  153. "PROJECT_ROOT":"Project root",
  155. "QUESTIONS_SUGGESTIONS_PARAGRAPH":"<ul><li><b>For any question and suggestion:</b> Check first whether the answer is present in the <a href='http://projet.idleman.fr/leed/?page=FAQ'>FAQ</a> or <a href='http://projet.idleman.fr/leed'>the projects' wiki</a>, if not send me your questions/suggestions at <a href='mailto:idleman@idleman.fr'>idleman@idleman.fr</a></li><li><b>To reset the password</b>, create a file <em>resetPassword</em> at the site's root. The login will always work, the provided password will replace the former one.</li></ul>",
  156. "READ":"Read",
  157. "READ_ALL_FOLDER_CONFIRM":"Mark all as read for this folder?",
  158. "READ_FOLDER_ITEMS":"Read events from this folder",
  159. "REMEMBER_ME":"Remember me",
  160. "RENAME":"Rename",
  161. "RETURN_TO_TOP":"Return to top",
  162. "SAVE":"Save",
  163. "SECONDS":"secondes",
  164. "SEE_EVENTS_FOR_FOLDER":"All unread events for folder $1",
  165. "SEE_THE":"See the",
  166. "SHOW_EVENT_AUTHOR":"Show the author of the article",
  167. "SHOW_EVENT_CONTENT":"Show the content of the article",
  168. "SHOW_EVENT_DATE":"Show the date of the article",
  169. "SHOW_EVENT_LINK":"Show direct link to the article",
  170. "SHOW_PARTIAL_CONTENT_DESC":"NB : if you choose partial, a click on the article will redirect to the authors' blog.",
  171. "SITE":"Website",
  172. "SORT_BY_RECENT_EVENT_FOLDER":"Most recent articles first (in folders)",
  173. "SORT_BY_RECENT_EVENT_HOME":"Most recent articles first (on the home page)",
  174. "SUCCESS":"Success",
  175. "SYNCHRONISATION":"Synchronization",
  176. "SYNCHRONISATION_CODE":"Synchronization code",
  177. "SYNCHRONISATION_COMPLETE":"Synchronization finished.",
  178. "SYNCHRONISATION_ERROR":"Error of the last synchronization",
  179. "SYNCHRONISATION_OPTION":"Synchronization options",
  180. "SYNCHRONISATION_TYPE":"Synchronization type",
  181. "SYNCHRONIZE_COFFEE_TIME":"NB : The synchronization can take time, leave your browser do the job and go grab a coffee :).",
  182. "SYNCHRONIZE_NOW":"Synchronize now",
  183. "TRASH_EVENTS":"Empty events",
  184. "UNFAVORIZE":"Unfavorize",
  185. "UNFOLD":"Unfold",
  186. "UNREAD":"Unread",
  187. "USER":"User",
  188. "USE_BOOKMARK":"Use the bookmarklet",
  189. "USE_BOOKMARK_DESC":"You can add the following bookmarklet to your browser, this will allow you to subscribe more rapidly to a new feed. ",
  190. "VERSION":"Version",
  191. "YES":"Yes",
  192. "YOU_MUST_BE_CONNECTED_ACTION":"You must be logged in for this action.",
  193. "YOU_MUST_BE_CONNECTED_BOOKMARK":"You must be logged in to see the bookmarklet.",
  194. "YOU_MUST_BE_CONNECTED_FEED":"You must be logged in to see your feeds.",
  195. "YOU_MUST_BE_CONNECTED_PLUGIN":"You must be logged in to see the plugins.",
  196. "YOU_MUST_BE_LOGGED":"You must be logged to read your feeds"
  197. }